City of colours

One of the oldest districts of our city. Warm autumn morning. A colorful girl is walking on the grey streets, bringing light wherever she goes. People don’t pass indifferently, they stop and look closely. Probably they are not used to see this explosion of colours, on their morning way to work. The girl knows the best forgotten places. Old wooden doors, vintage cars and hidden alleys. This is her space. Thanks to her, it is more and more special with every step.


I still don’t know how some people can be so natural and strong in front of camera. They just stand and look straight at You with no doubt or timidity.

Those three portraits were one of the first I have ever made. Late summer light was breaking through the heavy leaves, making different shapes on everything it encountered. A girl was standing  surrounded by delicate nature. She looked so confident and strong. Light was dancing on her face, showing all her beauty. I felt I don’t need to show anything else. Just her.


Today I want to share with You a photo series called “Silence”. I’ve made about 1,5 year ago but it is still very important and meaningful for me.

It was a dark foggy morning. The world was quiet, the time has stopped. I went for a lonely walk near the river, enjoying this inscrutable atmosphere. Paths usually filled with people, were now empty and grim. The only living souls were birds, kings and queens of the city. Dark ravens were flying high above my head. I felt they were taking care of this forgotten for a moment world.

I’ve walked slowly and all I could hear was silence.


Over the roofs

When we were still in Cracow, I was amazed by all the old buildings surrounding us on every step. Some of them were in a really bad shape, but were still looking so nobly and calm.

When the day was ending and the sun was slowly hiding beyond the horizon they were even more beautifull. Sometimes You just need to walk, with Your head up over the roofs.


A piece of sky

It was a sunny bright day, I was visiting my parents and decided to go for a walk in the greening meadows. The wind was strong, making the tree crowns dance and whisper to me all kinds of different stories.

There was no one else around, only me and the nature. Suddenly I saw something shiny and silver in the grass. I picked it up, curious what could it be. After a while I finally recognized my little treasure… It was just a small piece of spring sky, lost because of the wind.

Every time I picked it up, it started shining even more bright and strong. I keep it in a safe place till today. It is nice to know, I have my own piece of heaven.


Guards of the City

Sometimes walking alone in the city, I look up in the sky and all I can see is them- guards of the city. Mainly black, flying high, taking care od the suburban world.

Most of people don’t  notice them anymore. Birds are inscribed in the landscape, always there. For me they are special, I can search for them without an end.


Lost in Berlin

One dark autumn night we went to Berlin. We’ve reached our destination when it was still a very early cold morning. The whole world was hidden under a white dense fog. We didn’t know where to go or what to do, because of the early time and foreign, a little bit scary world.

We went to a huge silent park. The streets there were very wide and mysterious. There was almost no one there. Only sometimes we’ve passed people in a hurry, walking fastly, not looking around at all this enticement.

I was different. I’ve looked at this gray world and saw sad but calm beauty in it. Birds where flying high in the sky, almost disappearing in the fog. Everything was instantaneous.



Everyday we fight with our body. We worry how we look and how other people see us through our appearance. Days run so fast, there is almost no time for rest. Our body is heavy and tired.

When I find myself in this stressful place, I like to find peace in nature. Little leaves or flowers, so delicate but at the same time strong and life-giving. Why do I worry so much? Why am I so focused on how I look? When I ask those questions, I’m reminding myself of little moments like first spring flowers, calm autumn walk in the evening or strong summer sunlight in the morning.

I’m calm again. Life is so simple. I still try to remember it every single day.



This is one of my first digital photographs, I really enjoyed. I made it on one of my many slow autumn walks in Wroclaw. The day was pretty cold, and so densely gray, I couldn’t find any positivity in what I saw.

I went to an old playground located on a small hill. And there he was… A lonely man sitting on a swing, looking at the world. I thought that he was seeking for his lost childhood, or was so tired of adulthood, that he wanted to escape, even if only for a minute.

The factory chimneys looked so melancholic and frightfully. A little bird appeared on the sky. I used my camera. Perfect moment. I’ll remember this day forever.