Look under your feet

Last two weeks I’ve spent near nature, walking through the forests and meadows, looking for new painting inspirations. I’ve faced myself with landscape painting, but I felt this isn’t for me.

Then I’ve looked down and saw this whole new world filled with fresh colors, amazing structures and shapes. It clicked. I knew what I want and need to do.

This is how this little series was created. It is called “Look under your feet”


Nature structure

When I don’t make photographs, I paint. All kind of things and situations, trying not to limit myself at the early start of my painting journey.

This semester was full of nature search. I always loved abstract art but couldn’t find a way to express myself in it. Then I started looking more close at the trees on my way back home or on the rocks I collect since I was a little girl. Than it clicked.

Word of nature is itself art. All the colors, structures and fractures are surrounding us every day, making the world an even crazier place to live. First I’ve painted tree bark, it rough surface and narrow color range. Than I turned into world of minerals and stayed there a little bit longer, searching for more and more amazing colors and structures.

I thinkย  I will stay here a little bit longer.