Late winter farewells.

These analogues have been waiting on my computer for too long. It is always hard to find time for writing and scanning photographs. There is always so much Uni work and other daily stuff that the right time for blogging never comes. Also I have started a new culinary blog with my boy and it took me a lot of time but at the same time brought so much fun to our lives. You can find it here, if You are interested.

In the early start of February we went on a little trip to Karkonosze mountains. The weather was perfect, the snow was shining in the morning sun and the sky was clear blue with some amazing white clouds. We’ve stayed in a room with 5 other people, it was something new and exciting for us. I always adore the vintage look of mountains shelters. We had left our backpacks there, drank some hot tea and went for further discovering.

Near another shelter, on the Czech side of the mountains we have found a magical spot with a little pond filled with hot water. A small white dog was running happily in the high snow, not worried at all about the cold temperature. We came back to our room just before it got dark, tired but extremely happy. For the rest of the evening we had played board games, listening to stories of other travellers around us. We will be back, that’s for sure. There is no need to write more, the photographs are doing it for me.

Early winter visitors

Winter has just started. Our friends visited us in Wroclaw for the first time, and we just had the loveliest time with them.

It was really cold but the sun was high in the sky, so we didn’t complain (maybe only a little bit when a frosty wind wanted to blow us away :)) We’ve walked around the city, trying to show them as much as we could. There was time for art, parks, architecture and of course good food. The light was really amazing that weekend, I was looking for it presence almost everywhere.

Time flew incredibly fast. It was time to say goodbye. We didn’t feel sad, because we knew that our next meeting will take place, when green fresh spring will be already here.

Goodbye autumn

November is suddenly over. You always hear how it is the most dark and depressing month of the year. I must say I didn’t even notice that, it started and ended so quickly I almost feel it wasn’t here. A lot of Uni projects took most of my free time and I didn’t have place for over thinking and sadness.

It was our last truly autumn walk, the sun was high in the sky, making the last orange leaves look very fresh and energetic. We walked near the river and catched calm delicate sunlight. Suddenly I saw that one of my favourite yellow tansy flowers are still there, so I’ve collected some to decorate our apartment and throw out those from last year. We walked so slowly we didn’t see much, but it was enough. W didn’t wat to hurry, we’ve known that winter is just around the corner. We came back home cold but happy, we ate some oat cookies and drank coffee under a big blanket. I think we will miss autumn one day.

Berlin Diary

Two weeks ago, after  one year break, we visited Berlin again. This time we decided to stay there longer and explore the city with my dear friend Marta.. We arrived on Saturday evening and were welcomed with the most delicious supper consisting of all types of oriental food. We sat in the kitchen and talked for hours, feeling happy and thankful that we can again, spend some time together.

The next morning we have visited the biggest park in Berlin called Tiergarten. The trees were mostly orange and marron, showing us that winter is just around the corner. The river was calm and dignified, reflecting all the beauty around her. We walked through the park and decided to visit the Museum of Photography, which was filled with Helmut Newton’s photographs. It was a very inspiring journey. We ended our walk in a true Indian restaurant, trying out new, previously unknown tastes. It was already dark when we walked along the old Berlin wall.

The last day of or trip has passed very quickly. Marta was going to work, so we had to find some things to do on our own. We ended up visiting Berlinische Galerie and got to know better work of Jeanne Mammen. After that we decided to find some place to eat. We were walking very long and couldn’t decide what we want. Finally we found a small bar serving tasty bao buns with tofu and red cabbage. Again, it was quite a new flavour for us. It was late evening when we came back to Marta’s apartment to say goodbye and thank her for this amazing time. We took our bags and went to the last reason of this adventure – Fleet Foxes concert. It was just perfect. Can’t wait to come there again.


It was early October when we decided to visit my parents. They just took a young dog from animal shelter and we couldn’t wait to meet her. It was late evening when we went into the house and saw a big beige creature looking at us hesitantly. I must say I was scared for a second because I wasn’t prepared how big she is. A few minutes have passed, we started to get to know each other and in a moment we became good friends.

Her name is Tajga and she is one of the most gentle creatures I’ve ever met. Her story is sad because someone left her in a forest, tied to a tree with no water and food. We don’t know how long she was there but we are really happy that she is now living happily with my parents : ) Tajga is a young dog, so walking with her is a big adventure, she is curious all the time and want to check every hole she can find. She is now a new member of our little family.

After two days it was time to go back to Wrocław. First we went to other town and visited a big flea market in the middle of the city. My attention was drawn by an old rocking horse, I remember it was one of my childhood dreams to have a toy like this in my room.  We went to the train station, covered in pink light of lulling sun. We came back home filled with positive warm feelings.

Trip to Jena

In the end of summer I woke up late at night, got to the bus and drove for many many hours to see my dear Tina again. The trip was full of unexpected inconveniences, but at the end I was standing happily in Jena, hugging my best friend.

After a big bowl of hot soup and some rest, we went for a long 4-hour walk through the green hills and valleys. The sun was so strong we didn’t even need our coats anymore. We were just walking and talking about everything that happened last year. We went to a little pond with crystal clear water, filled with stones in every colour and shape You can imagine. We skimmed some stones like we were little girls again, and observed the reflections on the water. We went to a yellow meadow filled with late summer flowers and sat in a wooden observatory for a little while. I couldn’t be happier. At the end of the journey our legs hurt a little, but we didn’t complain, probably because of all the excitement of our second meeting. We spend the rest of the evening talking in the kitchen, filled with warm light of candles and warm thoughts of people.

The next day Tina’s boy Florian had a free day at work, so we all woke up really early to visit the flea market. (unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this moment because I used a black and white film there which was destroyed by the people in the photo lab) After buying some nature books and vintage accessories we ate delicious french fries and were ready fo our next journey. We started walking higher and higher, to finally end up on a hill with a view on the whole city. We could feel and see that autumn is almost there. We went higher, met a sleeping flock of sheep and a little boy and girl flying a kite in the wind. Later in the evening we made pumpkin ravioli and ate some tasty peanut butter cookies. Willow the cat wanted to play all the time, and I felt he liked me a lot haha We all sat in bed and watched a movie, to calm down after all the adventures we had.

The third day was intended for the Botanic Garden. The leaves started to get more red and orange, most plants had already blossomed. Tina told me so many stories about plants! I was amazed how much she knows about them. Slowly it started raining so we went to the greenhouses and waited there for a while, for the rain to stop. We watched all the enormous plants which I call now “dinosaur plants”. We went to a little cafe for coffee and cake. After that we’ve  visited te river and our favourite ducks. Slowly my time in Jena was ending and I had already felt that this is a place for me.

It was my last morning there, we went for a run around the city. I was feeling sad that my trip is coming to an end but at  the same time I was so grateful that I could be there with my friend for so long : ) We ate dinner in te city and a big scone of ice cream for dessert. My bus was a little bit late so we had a lot of time for hugs and goodbyes. Now more than a month has passed and I still feel this warmth inside, when I think about Tina, Florian and Willow. I hope it will stay like this forever.

Eastern Park

Last days of truly warm summer. We woke up and the sun was already high in the sky. We had a little visitor in our apartment, so we decided to show him one of the most wild and breathtaking places in our city- the Eastern Park.

We’ve started our trip on a lemon green path surrounded by heavy weeping willows. Sometimes the branches were so low, we had to take our heads down and walk through this natural sunny tunnel. We came to the river covered in duckweed and wild plants. A huge heron was flying over the water. We just couldn’t believe we are still in the heart of Wroclaw.

We walked slowly and just observed. Two perfectly white swans were eating fiercely the green thick duckweed. A lonely man was sitting on the edge of the river. He was fishing quietly, focused on catching something. We’ve walked for so long, our feet hurt. It was time to go home, with our hearts filled with all this greenness.

Trip to the lake, part II

Finally it is time for second part of our lake adventures. I am showing You photographs from an older camera, which once belonged to my grandfather. Some of the pictures are not sharp enough, but I think it gives them even more charm.

Looking at those photographs I feel a little bit melancholic about summer being almost over. Days are now filled with rain and huge clouds in the sky. Days then were long and bright, it was so nice to swim in the cold water and later dry in the sun. Time flies so slow near nature…

One day we’ve rent a water bike from a nice old couple. We were swimming in the lake and then we watched wild birds in their natural environment. We met some people on bigger boats or rowing in small canoes, smiling and enjoying the moment. It was just perfect. Spending time at the lake made me feel careless and happy. It brought some childhood joy to my heart. I hope that this summer, everyone experienced this feeling, even for a moment.

Trip to the lake, part I

At the end of August we went for a little trip to the lake. My parents own a small summer-house only 3 hours from Wroclaw so it always gives us a great opportunity to get away from city life, even for a little while. I took two analog cameras with me, here are some memories captured on one of them.

High summer. Strong sun and green wild nature on every step. Only yellow mirabelle plums under my feet gave my a sign that autumn is closer than I think. The lake was usually calm and quiet, the riverside was empty during the week. We went on our favourite path surrounded by pink snapdragon flowers. I am always amazed how they are constructed by nature, perfect for bees to hide inside and calmly collect nectar.

On our way back I’ve found a high dignified water plants and took it hom ith me. Later in the evening, we ate grilled zucchini and eggplant on the porch and laughed how bad we both are in firing the grill. Days passed slowly and at the same time we felt we did not have enough time. True summer…

Flea Market

Summer is slowly coming to an end. People took their jackets out from the closets and are now, walking slowly in the first early autumn rain. I’m though still a little bit in the summer mood, especially when I look at those early August photographs I got from the photo lab yesterday.

It was a warm sunny weekend. We woke up early in the morning and stayed in bed for a little while, enjoying freedom that summer break gave us. After quick breakfast and a piece od delicious banana cake, we were ready for our first flea market. It was organised in an old quarter of Wroclaw, surrounded by tenements with balconies filled with fresh flowers.

Things we really enjoyed at te flea market were old botanic illustrations. There were so many of them! Unfortunately they were all too expensive for us, but even though it was nice to look closely at those hand painted treasures. The seller told us that most of them are from XIX century. After seeing everything we decided to buy a lovely old ceramic set for our kitchen.

Later in the evening some of our friends came for a visit. I’ve made some peanut butter cookies, my boy made hummus and naan bread. We’ve decorated our tiny table and were ready to end this day in an even more nice and calming atmosphere.