Summer break

Today I had my last exam at Uni. Last two or maybe three weeks, I have spent mostly sitting at home learning end finishing endless projects. It was hard to sit inside when the sun was looking at me through the window, inviting me harder and harder for a little adventure.

One day I broke. I’ve decided to go for a bike trip on my favourite paths near the Odra river. The weather was perfect, sunny but windy, not to hot to enjoy spending our whole evening outside. I’ve collected my first summer bouquet which is now standing dried on the windowsill complementing my growing flower collection.

At one moment of our trip we just sat near the river and enjoyed it calm sounds and silver glow. Everything was so green and shiny. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the world became, when I wasn’t carefully looking.

Now it is time to start my summer break. So tired. So happy. So many new memories to collect…


First summer breath

Summer came earlier this year. It was still may and the wind already smelled so densely and warm. Walking near the river, it was finally time to collect first leaves and flowers.

Time flew so slow and void. We’ ve raised our heads and saw amazing silver plants growing high in the sky, dancing in the wind like little ballerina’s. Green meadows were all covered in fresh yellow dandelions, people were laying on the grass, living the moment.

Accidental meetings with friends became more common. It was nice to sit together when the evening was so long and warm. Maybe I should live in a place where it is always summer? Mabye not. It think it would be hard to appreciate it then, as much as I can do it now.



Being an adult means creating a home for You and your beloved ones. It means to make the place You live, a safe and peaceful shelter full of positive vibes. It means that it is a place to relax and jump happily, bake, make music, paint and talk. This is how I understand the meaning of this simple word – home.

April was a month full of long walks and discovering nature anew. The trees were covered in fresh colors again and the air smelled like heaven. Our home became more bright and fresh. New posters appeared on our walls, new recipes were tested and bookshelves were filled with old vintage books.

Thank you April. You were good to us.


Woodpeckers music

It was my birthday. I woke up a year older, and felt fine with that thought. The sun was already up, inviting me for some memorable adventures.

My boy and his brother took me to a little forest, pretty close to their home. We went through a little blue bridge, and entered a different nature world. It was our own Bridge to Terabithia. The river was swimming fast, making a small white waterfall. The trees were getting higher with each step. The leaves were so green, it felt almost unreal. I’ ve checked, they weren’t painted with a fluorescence paint.

There was a moment, when we heard a strange beautiful noise. We looked up and saw a green-red woodpecker, sitting high on the tree, making his own forest melody. Walking further, more woodpeckers started “singing”. At the end of our journey  a dried lonely white tree was standing on the edge of the water, saying goodbye quietly.



Close too all those who were still alive

Working on the weekends makes You appreciate a free day even more. Especially when it is spring and You see all the people walking on the sunny streets, when You sit the whole day closed in four walls.

This was a free Sunday for me, I woke up and the sun was already on the sky, inviting me for a long walk. My boy was also free that day, so we decided to go catch some positive vibes near the Odra river.

It was one of the first days of April, the river was warm and calm and the wind smelled so fresh and green. The higher trees were still empty, but the smaller ones were already covered in tiny leaves or colorful flowers. At some point, I’ve looked at the trees and saw that one of them was white and dried up. It looked firmly unreal, standing there majestic, close too all those who were still alive.


Cracow diary, part II

Time to go back to our Cracow adventures. On the second day, we went to Krakus Mound. We have heard that you can see the whole city landscape from it, and we weren’t disappointed. The sky was light blue, covered with small fluffy clouds. There was only one tree standing there, covered in spring white flowers, falling down like snow. We sat  there for a while and observed the whole city life.

We started to feel hungry, so we went back to the centre to eat a yummy ramen in a small asian bar. The bowl was so big and filled with so many vegetables, that I couldn’t eat it all. We spend the rest of the day, walking on small, less crowded streets, enjoying every single minute of this windy evening.

Our last day started with even more strong sun, welcoming us through the window. We went for a long walk along Vistula river. We met a lot of cyclist and runners on our way. I’ve collected some spring flowers, to dry them in my sketchbook. After that, we’ve packed our things and went to our last stop.

The botanic garden in Cracow is a really breathtaking place. Little alleys surrounded by all kinds of trees and flowers. There was a little courtyard with a fountain and a huge magnolia tree. I could look at it forever. A woman was sitting on a bench, reading a book in the quiet nature world. Unfortunately, we didn’t have so much time. We saw many greenhouses, they were so inspiring! I was really sad that we came too late to visit them inside, we could only peep the plants through the high old windows.

Our trip came to an end, the train was already standing on the station, waiting to take us home. Dear Cracow, I hope we will se each other soon…



Cracow diary, part I

Last weekend we went for three days to one of the best known cities in Poland – Cracow. I have never been there before so my level of curiosity and excitement was really high. It was our one year anniversary so we thought it would be nice to celebrate it with this little adventure.

We came to Cracow really early in the morning and went for a coffee and breakfast in one of the cosy cafe’s in the centre of the city. The weather was rather rainy and grey, so we’ve decided to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. Unfortunately they were changing their temporary exhibitions, so we saw only the main one. Than we went back to the market, to see the most tourist place – Wawel Royal Castle. The trees were blooming in all colors and there were only a few people there, probably because of the weather, so we were really happy to walk there quietly, breathing the ancient ages atmosphere.

Our first day ended in a nice restaurant, where I ate the most tasty burger with halloumi cheese and falafel. We quickly fell asleep, full of good feelings.

The second day welcomed us with sun and a blue light sky. We ate fastly our breakfast, to not lose any minute of this great weather. Our first destination was a lagoon near the city, surrounded by old white rocks. The view was really breathtaking, the water was prussian blue and the trees were covered in fresh spring colors. The air smelled like white delicate flowers. We walked around the lake, inspired by all the goods that nature gives us.

After this long walk, we drove to our next stop – Krakus Mound. I’ll write about it and other places in my second Cracow post 🙂


Late winter memories

I’ve just developed my last winter film roll. It was definitely a moment to say goodbye for good and welcome spring with my arms wide open.

It was early February and we went to the Karkonosze mountains for only one day, to escape from the greyness of city life and its overwhelming haste. The trees where all covered in white hoarfrost, looking very unreal and beautiful. The light was changing almost every 15 minutes, sometimes the sky was deep heavy blue, otherwise it was calmly azure.

We came to our destination- Samotnia Refuge, full of joy and energy. The mountains were sparkling in the strong silver sunlight, the small pond near the shelter was frozen, covered with snow. We drank some hot chocolate, rest for a little while, and started our way back home.

Only one day, a very important and meaningful one. Sometimes it is necessary to give our mind an escape deep into nature.


Stepping back in time

I always get my films developed in te same old photo lab. Usually everything is fine, but once I came back to see my new pictures, and they told me that something went wrong. Probably the chemistry was old and that’s why my photographs were badly developed. I felt really sad and disappointed.

I came back home and looked calmly and my “destoyed” pictures. Minutes passed, and I started to see how amazing they look. I felt like I was stepping back in time and seeing my city many years ago. Mysterious paths hidden in the fog, forgotten bicycles and calm silent river.

Today those pictures are one of my favourites. Sometimes I feel I would be happier if I lived in the old times.


Early Spring

Winter comes to an end, the days are getting longer and the sun shines brighter than two weeks ago. Nature however, is now in a very strange stage.

When walking in the park it is hard to say whether it is late but still warm autumn or it is going to become wild and green in just a few days. Time flies slowly, the river is calmly waiting for a sudden change. Wind whispers quietly between yellow dry plants.

We are all waiting. Spring is about to come.