City of colours

One of the oldest districts of our city. Warm autumn morning. A colorful girl is walking on the grey streets, bringing light wherever she goes. People don’t pass indifferently, they stop and look closely. Probably they are not used to see this explosion of colours, on their morning way to work. The girl knows the best forgotten places. Old wooden doors, vintage cars and hidden alleys. This is her space. Thanks to her, it is more and more special with every step.


I still don’t know how some people can be so natural and strong in front of camera. They just stand and look straight at You with no doubt or timidity.

Those three portraits were one of the first I have ever made. Late summer light was breaking through the heavy leaves, making different shapes on everything it encountered. A girl was standingย  surrounded by delicate nature. She looked so confident and strong. Light was dancing on her face, showing all her beauty. I felt I don’t need to show anything else. Just her.

Eastern Park

Last days of truly warm summer. We woke up and the sun was already high in the sky. We had a little visitor in our apartment, so we decided to show him one of the most wild and breathtaking places in our city- the Eastern Park.

We’ve started our trip on a lemon green path surrounded by heavy weeping willows. Sometimes the branches were so low, we had to take our heads down and walk through this natural sunny tunnel. We came to the river covered in duckweed and wild plants. A huge heron was flying over the water. We just couldn’t believe we are still in the heart of Wroclaw.

We walked slowly and just observed. Two perfectly white swans were eating fiercely the green thick duckweed. A lonely man was sitting on the edge of the river. He was fishing quietly, focused on catching something. We’ve walked for so long, our feet hurt. It was time to go home, with our hearts filled with all this greenness.

Trip to the lake, part II

Finally it is time for second part of our lake adventures. I am showing You photographs from an older camera, which once belonged to my grandfather. Some of the pictures are not sharp enough, but I think it gives them even more charm.

Looking at those photographs I feel a little bit melancholic about summer being almost over. Days are now filled with rain and huge clouds in the sky. Days then were long and bright, it was so nice to swim in the cold water and later dry in the sun. Time flies so slow near nature…

One day we’ve rent a water bike from a nice old couple. We were swimming in the lake and then we watched wild birds in their natural environment. We met some people on bigger boats or rowing in small canoes, smiling and enjoying the moment. It was just perfect. Spending time at the lake made me feel careless and happy. It brought some childhood joy to my heart. I hope that this summer, everyone experienced this feeling, even for a moment.

Trip to the lake, part I

At the end of August we went for a little trip to the lake. My parents own a small summer-house only 3 hours from Wroclaw so it always gives us a great opportunity to get away from city life, even for a little while. I took two analog cameras with me, here are some memories captured on one of them.

High summer. Strong sun and green wild nature on every step. Only yellow mirabelle plums under my feet gave my a sign that autumn is closer than I think. The lake was usually calm and quiet, the riverside was empty during the week. We went on our favourite path surrounded by pink snapdragon flowers. I am always amazed how they are constructed by nature, perfect for bees to hide inside and calmly collect nectar.

On our way back I’ve found a high dignified water plants and took it hom ith me. Later in the evening, we ate grilled zucchini and eggplant on the porch and laughed how bad we both are in firing the grill. Days passed slowly and at the same time we felt we did not have enough time. True summer…

Flea Market

Summer is slowly coming to an end. People took their jackets out from the closets and are now, walking slowly in the first early autumn rain. I’m though still a little bit in the summer mood, especially when I look at those early August photographs I got from the photo lab yesterday.

It was a warm sunny weekend. We woke up early in the morning and stayed in bed for a little while, enjoying freedom that summer break gave us. After quick breakfast and a piece od delicious banana cake, we were ready for our first flea market. It was organised in an old quarter of Wroclaw, surrounded by tenements with balconies filled with fresh flowers.

Things we really enjoyed at te flea market were old botanic illustrations. There were so many of them! Unfortunately they were all too expensive for us, but even though it was nice to look closely at those hand painted treasures. The seller told us that most of them are from XIX century. After seeing everything we decided to buy a lovely old ceramic set for our kitchen.

Later in the evening some of our friends came for a visit. I’ve made some peanut butter cookies, my boy made hummus and naan bread. We’ve decorated our tiny table and were ready to end this day in an even more nice and calming atmosphere.


Today I want to share with You a photo series called “Silence”. I’ve made about 1,5 year ago but it is still very important and meaningful for me.

It was a dark foggy morning. The world was quiet, the time has stopped. I went for a lonely walk near the river, enjoying this inscrutable atmosphere. Paths usually filled with people, were now empty and grim. The only living souls were birds, kings and queens of the city. Dark ravens were flying high above my head. I felt they were taking care of this forgotten for a moment world.

I’ve walked slowly and all I could hear was silence.


Dancing softly in the crowd

Every summer I feel an urgent need to visit at least one music festival. For the last 5 years it was OFF Festival in Katowice- place where You can find a lot of alternative music bands. This year was different. In the early start of summer we went back to Katowice, this time for Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival, with a lot of inspiring electronic sounds.

I took only my simplest camera with me, to capture some memories without being worried that something will happen to equipment during concerts. The weather was really nice to us, it was a mixture of short rain and strong sun, creating an amazing atmosphere in the festival town. We also got to know better the whole city, with its nice coffee, old architecture and modern center.

Electronic music starts to mean more to me. I can see the wide range of sounds and feelings it can give. It is just nice to close my eyes and dance softly in the crowd.

Paris diary, part III

Finally it is time for last part of my Parisian diary. It is filled with photographs of all places I felt were worth to remember.

Paris is filled with al kinds of amazing architecture, mostly with high old tenements usually with a cafe on the ground floor. Most of the restaurants are kept in a vintage style, filled with old photographs and furniture. One day we wanted to eat something more light, so we found this modern simple place called Bob’s Kitchen where we ate the most delicious veggie stew. Definitely Paris is a mixture of modernity and tradition.

A place we visited twice was Grande halle de la Villette, where You can find a huge park near the Parisian Canal. It is a very family place, you can buy sweets tgere, ride a carousel or see films outdoor. We really enjoyed the optimism of this place.

We’ve learned a lot about modern art in Paris. We’ve visited of course Centre Pompidou and were really pleased to find out that there is a temporary exhibition of David Hockney’s art. Also I got to know many new artists, like Simon Hantai or Zao Wou-Ki.

Time to finish this travel chapter. Dear Paris, You were so nice to us! We are hoping to visit You again.We would also love to visit some smaller towns in the south France. We’ll see…

Paris diary, part II

It was the most sunny day of our trip. We went to our favourite boulangerie to buy some croissants for breakfast and of course one huge palmier for dessert. After that, we went by metro to our favourite cafรฉ called Nuance and drankย  two big cups of hot delicious coffee.

Finally the weather was ideal for a walk in the botanic garden. There are no tickets to go inside, so it is filled with locals, trying to escape from their urban problems. We’ve met a lot of runners, parents with their kids and only a few tourists. It was an ideal place for rest.

We were walking the main path, when I saw a huge glass building with two white columns. I’ve walked closer and saw that it is a palm house filled with amazing wild plants. I must say it was one of the most beautiful greenhouses, I have ever been in. The strong summer sun was filling it with this soft yellow light, making everything look even more noble. It was really warm inside but we stayed there longer than other visitors, amazed by the atmosphere of this place. When we’ve walked outside I saw that all the windows became pink from the reflections of morning sunlight.

After that, we went further and came to a white path surrounded by high trees. I’ve never seen this species before. We’ve sat there for a while to observe calmly the whole garden. Afterwards we went to discover more paths filled with plants and colorful flowers. The whole day was like a dream… I hope I’ll repeat it someday.