Dancing softly in the crowd

Every summer I feel an urgent need to visit at least one music festival. For the last 5 years it was OFF Festival in Katowice- place where You can find a lot of alternative music bands. This year was different. In the early start of summer we went back to Katowice, this time for Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival, with a lot of inspiring electronic sounds.

I took only my simplest camera with me, to capture some memories without being worried that something will happen to equipment during concerts. The weather was really nice to us, it was a mixture of short rain and strong sun, creating an amazing atmosphere in the festival town. We also got to know better the whole city, with its nice coffee, old architecture and modern center.

Electronic music starts to mean more to me. I can see the wide range of sounds and feelings it can give. It is just nice to close my eyes and dance softly in the crowd.

Paris diary, part III

Finally it is time for last part of my Parisian diary. It is filled with photographs of all places I felt were worth to remember.

Paris is filled with al kinds of amazing architecture, mostly with high old tenements usually with a cafe on the ground floor. Most of the restaurants are kept in a vintage style, filled with old photographs and furniture. One day we wanted to eat something more light, so we found this modern simple place called Bob’s Kitchen where we ate the most delicious veggie stew. Definitely Paris is a mixture of modernity and tradition.

A place we visited twice was Grande halle de la Villette, where You can find a huge park near the Parisian Canal. It is a very family place, you can buy sweets tgere, ride a carousel or see films outdoor. We really enjoyed the optimism of this place.

We’ve learned a lot about modern art in Paris. We’ve visited of course Centre Pompidou and were really pleased to find out that there is a temporary exhibition of David Hockney’s art. Also I got to know many new artists, like Simon Hantai or Zao Wou-Ki.

Time to finish this travel chapter. Dear Paris, You were so nice to us! We are hoping to visit You again.We would also love to visit some smaller towns in the south France. We’ll see…

Paris diary, part II

It was the most sunny day of our trip. We went to our favourite boulangerie to buy some croissants for breakfast and of course one huge palmier for dessert. After that, we went by metro to our favourite café called Nuance and drank  two big cups of hot delicious coffee.

Finally the weather was ideal for a walk in the botanic garden. There are no tickets to go inside, so it is filled with locals, trying to escape from their urban problems. We’ve met a lot of runners, parents with their kids and only a few tourists. It was an ideal place for rest.

We were walking the main path, when I saw a huge glass building with two white columns. I’ve walked closer and saw that it is a palm house filled with amazing wild plants. I must say it was one of the most beautiful greenhouses, I have ever been in. The strong summer sun was filling it with this soft yellow light, making everything look even more noble. It was really warm inside but we stayed there longer than other visitors, amazed by the atmosphere of this place. When we’ve walked outside I saw that all the windows became pink from the reflections of morning sunlight.

After that, we went further and came to a white path surrounded by high trees. I’ve never seen this species before. We’ve sat there for a while to observe calmly the whole garden. Afterwards we went to discover more paths filled with plants and colorful flowers. The whole day was like a dream… I hope I’ll repeat it someday.

Paris diary, part I

I have not been on vacation abroad for about 8 years. When we planned this trip in may, I could not even imagine how great it will be. I was waiting impatiently for two months for it to start. Now it is over, and I have all those beautiful memories in me, that I hope will last forever.

We have lived in a small hotel, pretty close to the center. Our window gave us a view at the whole neighborhood with its old high buildings with a little garden in the middle of them.

The weather was very warm and sunny, we’ve decided to go on a walk to Montmartre, the old district where all the great artists have lived in the past. I really enjoyed the narrow little streets there, giving us shadow and inviting for further walking. At the end we stood at the top of the hill, having in front of us a full view of Paris. At this moment it finally reached me, where we are! After having the funniest burgers in sweet buns for dinner, we’ve decided to go to Musée d’Orsay. It is hard to explain how incredible it was to finally see in live works of all the greatest painters I’ve always read and learned about.It was really inspiring and gave me some new ideas for my own art.

The next morning we woke up and saw that the weather has changed and the world is filled with grey bland colours. It was a perfect atmosphere to see other big artists, this time in Louvre. I felt that this place is too crowded for me, so it was hard to appreciate all the art around me. We saw only paintings and decided to escape to a less crowded place.

We’ve went to a small bar serving real tacos, then we found this little cafe with a very modern and cosy design. Finding good coffee isn’t so easy in Paris. French definitely like stronger heavily roasted coffee than we do, so it was nice to sit in a place and drink chemex for a change. We’ve spent the rest of the day, just walking the small streets and enjoying the atmosphere of big city life. We also fund an amazing path surrounded by different types of flowers and plants. Later in evening, we went for a meeting with my dear aunt, which I have not seen for ages! We ate with her a typical french supper consists of a normal meal, baguette, wine and of course dessert! We came back to our room tired but filled with positive vibes and yummy food.


Colours of July

First year at my painting studies just ended. I had my last (and the hardest) exam, it went well so I’ve packed all my painting stuff and was ready for a new adventure. The next day we went to a small village near Wrocław to start our two-week plein air painting.

Days passed very slowly. It was nice to have nature so close at every turn. Mornings were reserved for painting, we could do that in the forest, the meadows or in the garden opposite to our rooms. At first it was hard to find new inspirations after whole year of hard work, but slowly it got better and everyone found their own way of expression.

Nature was just awakened by the summer sun. Red juicy poppies were growing in the middle of forest, looking so delicate in contrast to all the mighty trees. Fields were filled in light yellow cereals and purple little flowers. When the weather was more foggy and rainy, the trees looked more violet and unreal.

I thought a lot about my young years, when I spend most of the summer outside. This trip was like going back in time, to more hassle-free years.


Nature does not always come in colours

Usually when I go on a summer trip I bring my camera with a colored film in it. I want to capture everything as it is, with its brightness and fresh tones. However, sometimes I just don’t feel it, and prefer to show the world in my own personal way.

This series was created when I’ve spent couple of days in a little village near my town. I remember some lonely quiet walks, where I could rediscover nature. Bringing a black and white film helped me then to look at those simple landscapes in a whole new way.

I’ve loved the empty paths, inaccessible sun on steady sky and still voiceless fields. Nature does not always come in colours. Sometimes it is just a collection of impressions.

Look under your feet

Last two weeks I’ve spent near nature, walking through the forests and meadows, looking for new painting inspirations. I’ve faced myself with landscape painting, but I felt this isn’t for me.

Then I’ve looked down and saw this whole new world filled with fresh colors, amazing structures and shapes. It clicked. I knew what I want and need to do.

This is how this little series was created. It is called “Look under your feet”


Summer break

Today I had my last exam at Uni. Last two or maybe three weeks, I have spent mostly sitting at home learning end finishing endless projects. It was hard to sit inside when the sun was looking at me through the window, inviting me harder and harder for a little adventure.

One day I broke. I’ve decided to go for a bike trip on my favourite paths near the Odra river. The weather was perfect, sunny but windy, not to hot to enjoy spending our whole evening outside. I’ve collected my first summer bouquet which is now standing dried on the windowsill complementing my growing flower collection.

At one moment of our trip we just sat near the river and enjoyed it calm sounds and silver glow. Everything was so green and shiny. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the world became, when I wasn’t carefully looking.

Now it is time to start my summer break. So tired. So happy. So many new memories to collect…


First summer breath

Summer came earlier this year. It was still may and the wind already smelled so densely and warm. Walking near the river, it was finally time to collect first leaves and flowers.

Time flew so slow and void. We’ ve raised our heads and saw amazing silver plants growing high in the sky, dancing in the wind like little ballerina’s. Green meadows were all covered in fresh yellow dandelions, people were laying on the grass, living the moment.

Accidental meetings with friends became more common. It was nice to sit together when the evening was so long and warm. Maybe I should live in a place where it is always summer? Mabye not. It think it would be hard to appreciate it then, as much as I can do it now.


Nature structure

When I don’t make photographs, I paint. All kind of things and situations, trying not to limit myself at the early start of my painting journey.

This semester was full of nature search. I always loved abstract art but couldn’t find a way to express myself in it. Then I started looking more close at the trees on my way back home or on the rocks I collect since I was a little girl. Than it clicked.

Word of nature is itself art. All the colors, structures and fractures are surrounding us every day, making the world an even crazier place to live. First I’ve painted tree bark, it rough surface and narrow color range. Than I turned into world of minerals and stayed there a little bit longer, searching for more and more amazing colors and structures.

I think  I will stay here a little bit longer.