Eastern Park

Last days of truly warm summer. We woke up and the sun was already high in the sky. We had a little visitor in our apartment, so we decided to show him one of the most wild and breathtaking places in our city- the Eastern Park.

We’ve started our trip on a lemon green path surrounded by heavy weeping willows. Sometimes the branches were so low, we had to take our heads down and walk through this natural sunny tunnel. We came to the river covered in duckweed and wild plants. A huge heron was flying over the water. We just couldn’t believe we are still in the heart of Wroclaw.

We walked slowly and just observed. Two perfectly white swans were eating fiercely the green thick duckweed. A lonely man was sitting on the edge of the river. He was fishing quietly, focused on catching something. We’ve walked for so long, our feet hurt. It was time to go home, with our hearts filled with all this greenness.


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