Trip to the lake, part I

At the end of August we went for a little trip to the lake. My parents own a small summer-house only 3 hours from Wroclaw so it always gives us a great opportunity to get away from city life, even for a little while. I took two analog cameras with me, here are some memories captured on one of them.

High summer. Strong sun and green wild nature on every step. Only yellow mirabelle plums under my feet gave my a sign that autumn is closer than I think. The lake was usually calm and quiet, the riverside was empty during the week. We went on our favourite path surrounded by pink snapdragon flowers. I am always amazed how they are constructed by nature, perfect for bees to hide inside and calmly collect nectar.

On our way back I’ve found a high dignified water plants and took it hom ith me. Later in the evening, we ate grilled zucchini and eggplant on the porch and laughed how bad we both are in firing the grill. Days passed slowly and at the same time we felt we did not have enough time. True summer…


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