Paris diary, part II

It was the most sunny day of our trip. We went to our favourite boulangerie to buy some croissants for breakfast and of course one huge palmier for dessert. After that, we went by metro to our favourite café called Nuance and drank  two big cups of hot delicious coffee.

Finally the weather was ideal for a walk in the botanic garden. There are no tickets to go inside, so it is filled with locals, trying to escape from their urban problems. We’ve met a lot of runners, parents with their kids and only a few tourists. It was an ideal place for rest.

We were walking the main path, when I saw a huge glass building with two white columns. I’ve walked closer and saw that it is a palm house filled with amazing wild plants. I must say it was one of the most beautiful greenhouses, I have ever been in. The strong summer sun was filling it with this soft yellow light, making everything look even more noble. It was really warm inside but we stayed there longer than other visitors, amazed by the atmosphere of this place. When we’ve walked outside I saw that all the windows became pink from the reflections of morning sunlight.

After that, we went further and came to a white path surrounded by high trees. I’ve never seen this species before. We’ve sat there for a while to observe calmly the whole garden. Afterwards we went to discover more paths filled with plants and colorful flowers. The whole day was like a dream… I hope I’ll repeat it someday.


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