Paris diary, part I

I have not been on vacation abroad for about 8 years. When we planned this trip in may, I could not even imagine how great it will be. I was waiting impatiently for two months for it to start. Now it is over, and I have all those beautiful memories in me, that I hope will last forever.

We have lived in a small hotel, pretty close to the center. Our window gave us a view at the whole neighborhood with its old high buildings with a little garden in the middle of them.

The weather was very warm and sunny, we’ve decided to go on a walk to Montmartre, the old district where all the great artists have lived in the past. I really enjoyed the narrow little streets there, giving us shadow and inviting for further walking. At the end we stood at the top of the hill, having in front of us a full view of Paris. At this moment it finally reached me, where we are! After having the funniest burgers in sweet buns for dinner, we’ve decided to go to Musée d’Orsay. It is hard to explain how incredible it was to finally see in live works of all the greatest painters I’ve always read and learned about.It was really inspiring and gave me some new ideas for my own art.

The next morning we woke up and saw that the weather has changed and the world is filled with grey bland colours. It was a perfect atmosphere to see other big artists, this time in Louvre. I felt that this place is too crowded for me, so it was hard to appreciate all the art around me. We saw only paintings and decided to escape to a less crowded place.

We’ve went to a small bar serving real tacos, then we found this little cafe with a very modern and cosy design. Finding good coffee isn’t so easy in Paris. French definitely like stronger heavily roasted coffee than we do, so it was nice to sit in a place and drink chemex for a change. We’ve spent the rest of the day, just walking the small streets and enjoying the atmosphere of big city life. We also fund an amazing path surrounded by different types of flowers and plants. Later in evening, we went for a meeting with my dear aunt, which I have not seen for ages! We ate with her a typical french supper consists of a normal meal, baguette, wine and of course dessert! We came back to our room tired but filled with positive vibes and yummy food.



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