Colours of July

First year at my painting studies just ended. I had my last (and the hardest) exam, it went well so I’ve packed all my painting stuff and was ready for a new adventure. The next day we went to a small village near Wrocław to start our two-week plein air painting.

Days passed very slowly. It was nice to have nature so close at every turn. Mornings were reserved for painting, we could do that in the forest, the meadows or in the garden opposite to our rooms. At first it was hard to find new inspirations after whole year of hard work, but slowly it got better and everyone found their own way of expression.

Nature was just awakened by the summer sun. Red juicy poppies were growing in the middle of forest, looking so delicate in contrast to all the mighty trees. Fields were filled in light yellow cereals and purple little flowers. When the weather was more foggy and rainy, the trees looked more violet and unreal.

I thought a lot about my young years, when I spend most of the summer outside. This trip was like going back in time, to more hassle-free years.



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