Summer break

Today I had my last exam at Uni. Last two or maybe three weeks, I have spent mostly sitting at home learning end finishing endless projects. It was hard to sit inside when the sun was looking at me through the window, inviting me harder and harder for a little adventure.

One day I broke. I’ve decided to go for a bike trip on my favourite paths near the Odra river. The weather was perfect, sunny but windy, not to hot to enjoy spending our whole evening outside. I’ve collected my first summer bouquet which is now standing dried on the windowsill complementing my growing flower collection.

At one moment of our trip we just sat near the river and enjoyed it calm sounds and silver glow. Everything was so green and shiny. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the world became, when I wasn’t carefully looking.

Now it is time to start my summer break. So tired. So happy. So many new memories to collect…



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