Woodpeckers music

It was my birthday. I woke up a year older, and felt fine with that thought. The sun was already up, inviting me for some memorable adventures.

My boy and his brother took me to a little forest, pretty close to their home. We went through a little blue bridge, and entered a different nature world. It was our own Bridge to Terabithia. The river was swimming fast, making a small white waterfall. The trees were getting higher with each step. The leaves were so green, it felt almost unreal. I’ ve checked, they weren’t painted with a fluorescence paint.

There was a moment, when we heard a strange beautiful noise. We looked up and saw a green-red woodpecker, sitting high on the tree, making his own forest melody. Walking further, more woodpeckers started “singing”. At the end of our journey  a dried lonely white tree was standing on the edge of the water, saying goodbye quietly.




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