Close too all those who were still alive

Working on the weekends makes You appreciate a free day even more. Especially when it is spring and You see all the people walking on the sunny streets, when You sit the whole day closed in four walls.

This was a free Sunday for me, I woke up and the sun was already on the sky, inviting me for a long walk. My boy was also free that day, so we decided to go catch some positive vibes near the Odra river.

It was one of the first days of April, the river was warm and calm and the wind smelled so fresh and green. The higher trees were still empty, but the smaller ones were already covered in tiny leaves or colorful flowers. At some point, I’ve looked at the trees and saw that one of them was white and dried up. It looked firmly unreal, standing there majestic, close too all those who were still alive.



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