Cracow diary, part II

Time to go back to our Cracow adventures. On the second day, we went to Krakus Mound. We have heard that you can see the whole city landscape from it, and we weren’t disappointed. The sky was light blue, covered with small fluffy clouds. There was only one tree standing there, covered in spring white flowers, falling down like snow. We sat  there for a while and observed the whole city life.

We started to feel hungry, so we went back to the centre to eat a yummy ramen in a small asian bar. The bowl was so big and filled with so many vegetables, that I couldn’t eat it all. We spend the rest of the day, walking on small, less crowded streets, enjoying every single minute of this windy evening.

Our last day started with even more strong sun, welcoming us through the window. We went for a long walk along Vistula river. We met a lot of cyclist and runners on our way. I’ve collected some spring flowers, to dry them in my sketchbook. After that, we’ve packed our things and went to our last stop.

The botanic garden in Cracow is a really breathtaking place. Little alleys surrounded by all kinds of trees and flowers. There was a little courtyard with a fountain and a huge magnolia tree. I could look at it forever. A woman was sitting on a bench, reading a book in the quiet nature world. Unfortunately, we didn’t have so much time. We saw many greenhouses, they were so inspiring! I was really sad that we came too late to visit them inside, we could only peep the plants through the high old windows.

Our trip came to an end, the train was already standing on the station, waiting to take us home. Dear Cracow, I hope we will se each other soon…




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