Cracow diary, part I

Last weekend we went for three days to one of the best known cities in Poland – Cracow. I have never been there before so my level of curiosity and excitement was really high. It was our one year anniversary so we thought it would be nice to celebrate it with this little adventure.

We came to Cracow really early in the morning and went for a coffee and breakfast in one of the cosy cafe’s in the centre of the city. The weather was rather rainy and grey, so we’ve decided to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. Unfortunately they were changing their temporary exhibitions, so we saw only the main one. Than we went back to the market, to see the most tourist place – Wawel Royal Castle. The trees were blooming in all colors and there were only a few people there, probably because of the weather, so we were really happy to walk there quietly, breathing the ancient ages atmosphere.

Our first day ended in a nice restaurant, where I ate the most tasty burger with halloumi cheese and falafel. We quickly fell asleep, full of good feelings.

The second day welcomed us with sun and a blue light sky. We ate fastly our breakfast, to not lose any minute of this great weather. Our first destination was a lagoon near the city, surrounded by old white rocks. The view was really breathtaking, the water was prussian blue and the trees were covered in fresh spring colors. The air smelled like white delicate flowers. We walked around the lake, inspired by all the goods that nature gives us.

After this long walk, we drove to our next stop – Krakus Mound. I’ll write about it and other places in my second Cracow post 🙂



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